Advertise your property with us

Our professional, family-run business offers a comprehensive package for owners of holiday lets who want to maximise the money they can make from their property.

From advertising right through to cleaning and property maintenance we can offer a service that suits you. As holiday home owners we understand both sides of the holiday let market and we use this experience to help our property owners.

What we don’t do is take your money and not deliver any bookings for you. We run a commission based model, where you only pay a percentage of the booking to us, for getting you the booking. If we don’t get a booking, you don’t pay anything. NO BOOKING – NO FEE

What can we do for you?

Unlike other agencies we let you take as much (or as little) control as you want. If you want to be hands-on, taking bookings, cleaning and more that’s absolutely fine. If you want to leave it all to us, again that’s not a problem! We can offer a bespoke package to all of our owners, just let us know what you’d like to do.

Low Commissions – we work in a fair and friendly way and as we mentioned, if we don’t make you a booking for your holiday let, you won’t pay us a penny! Any bookings we do get for your property, we will take a percentage for getting you that booking and you will find the rest in your account!

Advertising – getting bookings is the most important part of the job, so we will advertise your property for you.

Housekeeping – cleanliness of your holiday accommodation is an important factor in a guests satisfaction. We can get your property super clean in super quick time. Costs will be priced separately depending on the accommodation.

Booking Management – if you don’t want to handle all the bookings for your property, don’t worry, as we will do it for you. Our friendly office staff will take and organise all your bookings, we just let you know when guests have booked and are due to arrive.

Meet and greet – some of our owners don’t live close to their property, so we can organise the key collection for your property and meet your guests on their arrival. It adds something personal to a usual non-personal check-in process.

Guest Welcome Packs – we can put together amazing welcome packs for your clients, an added touch of class on their arrival. The packages can vary from a simple pack of tea, coffee and sugar up to breakfast items for the following morning, or a couple of bottles of wine for a chilled evening on arrival.

Property Maintenance and Refurbishment – our background is in property development, so we can carry out any maintenance work for you as part of the package.

No restrictions – with some agencies you will be restricted to the amount of bookings you can make on your own, or they will stop you working with other agencies to get as many bookings as possible. This isn’t how we do things here, you are free to do your own thing, book as many bookings yourself if that’s what you’d like to do, and you can advertise with however else you’d like!